Video interview with me at #RethinkDialogue by Arnt Eriksen

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You’ve probably come across quite a lot of “pop” art which uses the notion of glitching. Glitching is a trend in visual design and digital arts that treats visuals as if there is a digital error… or a glitch. It’s not new, as I first saw it in the late 80’s with the cyberpunk movement. But it seems to have a come back today.

We are seeing this everywhere at the moment. From music videos to conceptual art and it’s even starting to creep into advertising. I like it! :)

I’ve stumbled upon a nifty little web app that allows you to upload an image file, and lets you play with some variables to produce your own glitched image! try it out here!


A brand is...

A brand is what you feel, think and say it is

Unfortunately this year I haven’t been able to go to Austin Texas to visit SxSW. Luckily Mashable partnered with Topsy to create the Mashable SXSW Trendspotter which allows me to monitor whats trending on twitter and find out what’s hot every day.


Over the past 2 days I have discovered a few new startups that are creating some buzz, and decided to try them out and share them with you. Curious to your thoughts on these! Read the rest of this entry »

It’s always fun to scroll back into my instagram timeline and revisit all those moments I captured. The snapshots for me are bursts of memory. Here the Top 10 of my little bursts of memories which received the most love on Instagram this year.

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Er zijn inmiddels honderden apps voor kinderen. Maar wat zijn nu goede apps? En voor welke leeftijd?

Kinderen van nu zijn er inmiddels aan gewend dat je allerlei apparaten kan bedienen door het alleen maar met je vinger aan te raken. Het geld komt uit de muur door met je vingers op een scherm te tikken, je kan met je oma bellen met je vingers op een klein schermpje en op school bedient de juf het digibord door deze met haar vingers aan te raken. Alleen die tv, die doet nog niet mee. Bijna iedere vader van jonge kinderen moet een omgangsregeling instellen om zijn tablet zelf te kunnen gebruiken. Het liefst laten de kindervingers het apparaat niet meer los. Maar met welke apps kunnen de Nederlandse kinderen zich vermaken? Vandaag een gastblog van Marieke van Osch (of ook wel @mariekemove) met 50 apps voor kids! Read the rest of this entry »

A while back I was asked by Patrick Stal from Interbrand if I would do an interview for their quarterly magazine IQ. This issue is all about digital and I had the opportunity to talk about digital branding and the role of design in this context. Read the full article below.


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“I rarely do guest blog posts on my blog. But when Courtney pitched to me the idea of this post, not only did I think it was clever, I also thought that many of you might find this article quite insightful. So I hope you enjoy it as much as I did and of course I welcome all feedback! Thomas”

If you haven’t heard of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), chances are you’re losing money and prospects you didn’t even know were out there. SEO is the process of optimizing your website to rank higher in search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, and it can mean the difference between surviving this economy and closing the doors of your business. Read the rest of this entry »

The votes are in, and the top 3 #FavSongOf2011 are known! Thank you all for your nominations and votes in the last couple of days. Not surprising maybe, but here they are!!!

DRUMROLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Read the rest of this entry »

Being slightly frustrated about the bad music being played on the radio over the last few days, I decided to ask people on Twitter to nominate their favorite song of 2011 on #FavSongOf2011.

Many people submitted their favorite songs and after 3 days I have collected more than 150 nominations!! Here is a youtube playlist with all nominations created by @mkafando.

Based on the amount of comments and RTs a nomination got I managed to create this final list of 20 nominations.

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