Lately I found myself thinking a lot about the paradigm shifts the social media phenomenon is driving and what this means to design.

With the convergence between the virtual and the real world through mobile social media, businesses will have to re-think the way they will engage with their customers. We knew already that “the costumer is king”, but with costumers now being connected with the entire world always and everywhere, we could actually say “the costumer is God”.

It is obvious that a good product or service is where it all starts. There is no escape, if it is not what people expect it to be… your business will fail. But with this said, and assuming you have a great product or service, how will you interact with your customers? How will you leverage on their networks? Or better said “their influence”?

From a design point of view, I believe this aspect should be part of the product and service you are creating. Enabling people to interact with each-other and your brand through the products or services you offer will be the key enabler to survive this paradigm shift for your business.  People need to be part of the design. Not only as users, but actually as part of the actual product proposition.

What this really all will mean to design I don’t know… yet… But we will see this unfold the coming years.