As many I have also fallen into the trap of using an AutoDM (Automated Direct Message) welcome message on Twitter when someone just followed me. It was a boring “Thanks for the follow” which was clearly not appreciated by many. As a rookie I thought it was a cool feature, but soon discovered it went against everything social media is about. So I turned it off and started hating it like everyone else :)

It’s Official—No One Likes Twitter Auto DM’s

Understandably so, as these type of messages are not personal and actually quite annoying. It gets even worse when an AutoDM is a self promotion to “Like” a Facebook page, or an invite to “connect” on LinkedIn. But the biggest FAILWHALE goes to those AutoDMs which are pointing you to some promotion site!!

So you would wonder…

is there such thing as a good AutoDM?

Up until today my answer would have been NO. But then I received the following AutoDM by Kyle Gosselin

This joke is just too funny, and something you wouldn’t expect to suddenly land in you Twitter DM box. It put a big smile on my face and I tweeted it to my followers immediately. I got many positive responses of other people loving it too!

So a provoking digital though for today is…

YES, you can have a successful AutoDM message! Just make it fun, memorable, worthwhile and remarkable!

Am curious if there are more cases around of really good AutoDM messages which did not make you “unfollow” that person right away…