Today one of those remarkable social media moments happened to me. A moment where you really experience how (social) media tools enable relevant news to reach you with the speed of light.

This morning the above article appeared in the Dutch national newspaper Spits. The spits is a free newspaper which gets distributed mainly at public transport stations in the whole country.

The article talks about the use on Twitter of the hashtag #DurfTeVragen (Dutch version of #DareToAsk). To embellish the article a screenshot of the feed is shown and incidentally a tweet of mine using this hashtag is in this screenshot and thus I appear with a cameo in this article :)

Now I was not at any station this morning to pick up a copy of the Spits but many of my followers were and they started tweeting me pictures taken with their phones of the article and telling me “Dude, you’re in the newspaper!”

This is why I love social media and Twitter in particular. News finds me!

Here is one I got from @maandans

@maandansSpits @ThomasMarzano

One from @Shoyru@Shoyru

Spits @ThomasMarzano

and one from @IsabelMosk

@IsabelMoskSpits @ThomasMarzano

and also @mvdkooi gave me a heads-up ;)

@mvdkooiSpits @ThomasMarzano

A special thanks to @maandan | @Shoyru | @IsabelMosk | @mvdkooi for inspiring this post! ;)