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You’ve probably come across quite a lot of “pop” art which uses the notion of glitching. Glitching is a trend in visual design and digital arts that treats visuals as if there is a digital error… or a glitch. It’s not new, as I first saw it in the late 80’s with the cyberpunk movement. But it seems to have a come back today.

We are seeing this everywhere at the moment. From music videos to conceptual art and it’s even starting to creep into advertising. I like it! :)

I’ve stumbled upon a nifty little web app that allows you to upload an image file, and lets you play with some variables to produce your own glitched image! try it out here!



It’s always fun to scroll back into my instagram timeline and revisit all those moments I captured. The snapshots for me are bursts of memory. Here the Top 10 of my little bursts of memories which received the most love on Instagram this year.

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A while back I was asked by Patrick Stal from Interbrand if I would do an interview for their quarterly magazine IQ. This issue is all about digital and I had the opportunity to talk about digital branding and the role of design in this context. Read the full article below.


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Vandaag was de uitzending van MediaZaken op Business News Radio (BNR) waarin ik samen met Theo van Vugt (in de foto hieronder) en Jasper Leunk een aantal goede en minder goede cases van social media marketing heb besproken.

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Bij de laatste Social Media Club Amsterdam van 2011 heb ik een presentatie gegeven over Klout. Ik geloof niet in Klout. Niet als opzichzelf staande metric. En heb de afgelopen 2 jaar erg veel lol gehad in het busten van deze metric, en heb me verbaasd over het effect wat een hoge Klout score heeft op de ‘zichtbaarheid’ die dit je geeft als ‘digital influencer’.

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