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It’s always fun to scroll back into my instagram timeline and revisit all those moments I captured. The snapshots for me are bursts of memory. Here the Top 10 of my little bursts of memories which received the most love on Instagram this year.

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I have recently moved to Amsterdam and have been making quite a few Instagram pictures since. Instagram is really growing on me as THE photography social media platform for sharing pictures and meeting other photography lovers.

Here is a collection of the pictures I have been making and sharing recently. Let me know what you think! And if you are on Instagram lets connect there too.

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It’s no secret I love photography and especially glamour photography. Below 3 Portraits I took which I have heavily photo-shopped to create that wonderful glamour feel.

Looking forward to your reactions on what you think of these pictures. Any tips on improving both the photography as the Photoshop editing are welcomed!


Thank you to everyone commenting on my previous blog post where I asked all of you to Help Me Choose | Black & White or Color Portraits?

Although the majority of you was voting for the Black & White versions of the photographs, there where still many of you also loving the color versions. And so did I still.

So, I decided not to choose… and to combine them all in one ….

What do you think?

So here are 3 portrait photos I  took way back. Wanted to post these to my blog, but am torn between choosing the black & white versions or the color.

My question to all of you is, what should I chose and which do you prefer? Would love to hear your reactions.

The Black & White

The Color

Since early this year I have picked up Tweeting quite a bit, and in a relative short space of time I have gotten to know quite a few inspiring people. People who have an eye for whats hot and whats not. Being it with sharing links to beautiful photography, art, poetry and design. Or teaching me great insights on social media, marketing and business online in general. What they have in common? They are on twitter for all of us! To inspire us, and to share with us their view on the world.

This blog post is an ode to 15 tweeps that inspire my tweeting days, and teach me new things everyday. They are good people, with great minds and big hearts. Follow them now and get to know them!

Follow them one by one below, or group follow them by folliwing this list @ThomasMarzano/inspiring-tweeps

Misty Belardo (@mistygirlph)

Misty is an amazingly sweet person, she blogs like crazy on BitRebels and her own blog. She connects to everyone who has something to say. Passionate about anything inspiring and creative, a wonderful person to be connected to. A good friend and my Twitter Tutor

Bio: graphics/avatar design, blogger, events, loves music, food, art, self expression. writer for /, social media


Aaron Lee (@AskAaronLee)

Aaron is the GO TO guys for anything on social media. His instinct to connect and grow engagement is astounding, and will trigger any experienced marketeer to think differently about marketing.

Bio: An average Joe but with an extra-large social media addiction, Competitive by Nature, Positive Minded, Full Time Marketing Student, Part time Internet Marketer


Paul Steele (@paul_steele)

Who doesn’t know the Bald Hiker? Paul shares loads of great links on Photography, but what makes him real special is his passion for good causes. He rally’s up people to get on amazing journeys with him to help who is in need.

Bio: Often found on a mountain or hill enjoying the outdoors. Interested in and will share photography, art, design, geeky and humorous stuff. Will follow back.


Cindy Vriend (@cindyvriend)

A creative, passionate and crazy silly dance bombshell. Sharing loads of great design, art and photography links on twitter and on her blog. And proud to say the first tweep I had the pleasure to meet IRL.

Bio:  I love design, illustration, art, photography, smiles, music, driving a race car, my sweet dog & silly dances


Boris Rasonja (@brasonja)

Boris sniffs out the best of everything and shares it for all of us to enjoy. Always there for a chat on a lazy Sunday and happy to retweet quality links.

Bio:  Sincere, enthusiast, friendly, curious, ambitious. Review writer,info provider,like social media, web design, typography, photography,…to be continued…


Terri Nakamura (@terrinakamura)

Terri finds and shares great design must see content. Every link she posts is a joy to watch and read. Very friendly and chatty, unfortunately for me, the timezone makes it rare to have real time talks, but the few we had where a lot of fun!

Bio:  Graphic designer & fun person; likes humor, Apple/Mac, cool, interesting, design, art, funny, business, technology, weird, pop culture stuff; breaking news


Sheila Rose (@ShebaJo)

If you love Photography, follow Sheila now! She shares great links to beautiful resources.

Bio:  I love photography, technology, music. I’m a cancer survivor, with a lot of living to do. myBlips @ShebaJo_blipdj


Nini Baseema (@NiniBaseema)

Nina is out there in a league of her own. This Bellydancing chick shows us the world through her lens and points us to great things to look at.

Bio:  Corporate & Social Media Whore Travel Guru Music Obsessive Bellydance Chick Photoshop Queen Philosopher FashionVictim Avid Avatar Changer Design Lover Essence Seeker


Ellen Alvarez (@ellenalvarez)

Ellen writes beautiful and sensual stories on her blog! A must read!

Bio:  Mama 1st! TwitterMission:2B PROActive takepart in Good that is Twitter! REAL & HONEST Tweets laced w/Luv4 PPL!


Ken (@KenS_thought)

Ken is my Sunday Wake-Up buddy, always there to help me wake up and have a great designer start of the day. He shares great industrial and product design links.

Bio: twittering suits talking things off your mind, esp when pple whom might be reading r all strangers..


Jessica Kristie (@jesskristie)

What can I say… Jessica touched me when she wrote lyrics to my song STill. She writes beautiful poetry which she shares with us through her blog. If you like poetry, she is great at it!!

Bio: Poetry is my heart, anchors my soul and documents my journey.


Richard Darrel (@minervity)

Rarely you see such a blogging powerhouse as Richard. He is the man behind the great blog, and he is so on top of anything design.

Bio:  Founder of / – Web/Graphic Designer/Developer.


A.R.Karthick (@arkarthick)

Every link he shares is bang on! Awesome links to what must be seen.

Bio:  Entrepreneur, Blogger, Photography/Designing/Social Media – Enthusiast. Humorous, Creative & Positive Thinker. Love to be Friend & Gain/Share Anything Awesome!


Diana Adams (@adamsconsulting)

One of the greats of the BitRebels gang, Diana blogs about the curious, the new, the odd, the great. A lovely person with a great passion for doing good.

Bio:  Graduate of USC, Entrepreneur for over 10 yrs, Writer for and, Voice for the Homeless in Atlanta. I’m really into just being happy.


Amy D. Howell (@HowellMarketing)

Amy is a powerful social media TWomen. Shares insights about doing business with social media and is always happy to connect.

Bio:  TN Social Media, Howell Marketing Strategies CEO: PR, Marketing, Social Media. Co-Founder, Memphis Social Media Club; Wife, Mom; TN River Rat, Grateful


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